Congrats you've booked us for your wedding or engagement session! Now you get to read this awesome guide we have provided for you on how to have a successful and fun e-session. 

  • First things first, we figure out a date and location for your session. Since weekends are reserved for weddings and events, we schedule our e-sessions on weekdays only. As for location, we want to make sure you're surrounded by what you love, whether that is a snuggle session in your own home, an adventure in the woods, strolling in or around the city, hanging out at a beach, or anything else you think fits you. 
  • Next we decide on a time to meet. Golden hour, which is that beautiful time of day just before the sun sets, is the best time for an outdoor photoshoot. We rarely schedule for middle of the day, because the light is unflattering then and we want you to be happy with your photos! If you're an early bird, morning light can also be magical if you prefer to start your session just as the sun starts to rise. 
  • Finally, you decide on what to wear. We want you to dress like yourselves and feel comfortable throughout the shoot. If that means wearing your favorite ripped jeans and t shirt or something more festive like your little black dress and suit, then go for it. We also recommend wearing comfy shoes! Here is a link to our mood board that we created with some outfit ideas:


Now for the most important part:

- We are here to document your love, so don't hold anything back. Share all of your emotions with us and forget the "photo shoot" aspect of it. Focus on enjoying the day with your loved one and embrace the spontaneous moments. We want you to just be you! If you're intimate and shy, or a bunch of goof balls looking to make each other laugh the whole time, then by all means embrace those things. We will be there to guide you throughout the shoot, but we want you to enjoy the "imperfect" moments too and keep it natural. The best photos are where you show us those quirks that make you who you are. 

Let's hang and make something beautiful together!


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