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We’re the co-founders and owners of Forever Photography!

Six years ago we realized that we are both super passionate about wedding photography and that's when we started this company together. We love capturing authentic moments and photographing real emotions. Our couples appreciate our romantic, timeless, and journalistic approach, which has won us awards and publishings in magazines and online press. We know how important weddings are and we want to be the ones to capture all of those sweet, emotional memories that you can hold onto forever.


Brooklyn born and raised, Jessica can often be found grabbing a hazelnut coffee or chasing her two shiba inus around the dog park. She fell in love with photography after she started traveling during her college years. From there, she dabbled in all sorts of photo jobs ranging from sports to jewelry to fashion before finally realizing weddings were her jam!

Jessica’s favorite part of the wedding day is getting to capture those awesome portraits between the couple. She especially loves making clients come out of their bubble and showing them having a great time in front of the camera. Nothing makes her happier than getting to see the love and intimacy between two people when they get a moment with each other.


Photography followed Andrea on her journey moving from Austin, TX to NYC. And so did her sweet little chiweenie, Bruce! She got into photography at an early age and would often force her friends to model after school. In high school, she started second shooting weddings for other photo friends who were already in the business and immediately discovered her love for capturing such a joyous day.

Andrea’s favorite part of the wedding day is the dancing! You’ll often see her busting a move while simultaneously grabbing some fantastic shots of your drunk best man. It’s the best time of the day to truly capture the energy of the love that surrounds you at your wedding.



Amma has become such an integral part of our family here at Forever Photography! She handles all our non-wedding engagement sessions, second shoots, and even associate shoots weddings for us. She travels all over the tri-state area and often splits her time between Brooklyn and Connecticut. With roots in fashion photography, Amma’s style is the perfect combination between those posed and candid moments.

Amma’s favorite part of the wedding day is photographing those sweet and intimate moments between family. It’s so heartwarming to capture the moments when families join together as one and she couldn’t be happier to share those with our clients.

Ready to take things further? Let's get together and talk all things wedding. If we can’t meet in person, let’s schedule a Skype date or chat over the phone.